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Continued from Bill Taylor's Memoir, Part 7


Far Eastern Prisoners of War (FEPOW) Ex-Gratia Payment This page which is part of the GOV.UK provides information on the payment made to surviving members of British Groups who were held prisoner by the Japanese during the Second World War.

COFEPOW: Children and Families of Far East Prisoners of War COFEPOW was founded by Carol Cooper with the aim of keeping the memory of all Far East Prisoners of War alive for future generations to come. Carol's father L/Cp William Smith died in Burma, and the story of how Carol came across his diary fifty years later is unforgetable.

The Thai-Burma Railway These pages are part of The Second World War Experience Centre.

American Merchant Marine at War -- Revolution to World War II to Today This site has a special POW Page with the names and fates of Americans who were imprisonned in WWII. USMM also hosts the webpages of former POW Captain George Duffy.

In Hell There is a Place Called Death's Railway This site tells the harrowing story of the late Stanley Willner, a prisoner of the Japanese in Singapore and Thailand.

MILAG Prisoners of War Association This site was created by former German POW Gabe Thomas and pays tribute to the 4,500 seamen and civilians were were illegally imprisoned in Milag Nord, Germany.

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