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By Thomas William (Bill) Taylor
Merchant Navy Survivor and ex-POW


Bill Taylor, 1924-2001
T.W. "Bill" Taylor
As I have written this small biography of my experiences 60 years after it started happening, I feel I have written it as if I was eighteen years old again and the few of the many events that happened and mentioned here, are really treated very lightly, because my memory took me back to that age again when everything happened.

Everything written here is the truth and actually happened. Had I have been older, I would certainly have found my experiences much more serious as, age has made me more conservative in my feelings now, and I know when I write of the risks I took to survive, I guess I did not suffer from nerves in those days.

So whoever reads of my small episode in a very large war, I hope they will understand that this was not really a great deal of fun.

T.W. (Bill) Taylor
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
August 2000

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PART ONE:   My Early Adventures in the Merchant Navy, The Beginning of the War & Southern Railway Interlude

PART TWO:   Introduction to the Empress of Asia, The Final Voyage Begins, Troubled Waters & Durban Delights

PART THREE:   On to India, Destination: Singapore, The Empress of Asia's Tragic End & The Siege of Singapore

PART FOUR:   Singapore General Hospital, After the Surrender, Karikal Mahal & The March to Changi

PART FIVE:   Changi Prison

PART SIX:   Sime Road

PART SEVEN:   Liberation


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